My Free Minutes

Hi everyone ;)
How was your weekend?
Because the Sunday is nearly over, I’ve decided to prepared short post for you about my Sunday evening routine before the coming week.
This is the time, which I can give to myself;) when I like to put one of my favourite facial masks,(today is the green one ;) ) When I can grab a glass of Smoothie and finally look through my fashion magazine to catch up with the fashion world.
So, tell me, how are you spending your time on Sunday evening? How do you charge up your batteries?
Below just a few words about facial masks, which I have been using recently. ;)


my free minutes

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is an amazing little thing, that I use when my face is not at it’s best condition and I really need to look good, so I apply this as my makeup base to achieve immediate tightenss, or when I have a little more time, then as a regular mask I apply a thin layer over my face and neck and just leave on for 15 min. It makes skin look radiant, smooth and brightens my discolouration on my skin, and I am truly happy about that.

Origins Drink up I use this when my skin needs an extra hydration like in the winter time, when it is becoming more dry because of heating. It contains algae extracts which help to hydrate.

Mudd Original Mask is deep cleansing pure clay. I really like this one, because of my combination skin type. So I need something, that absorbs excess oil and deeply emendded dirt and make up and this one does it. But there is one thing which I am not happy about… it contains parbens, but I can’t find it without, so if you know which brand is doing that, please let me know.

Finally, I want to thank you for your comments and visiting my blog and have a great week.
kisses ;)


  1. Hi, my skin is sensitive too,so I have to careful what I am choosing and this masks have never irritate my skin before, so maybe you could try them, or just go for something natural like flax face mask or oatmeal face mask ;)

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