Hi everyone ;)
How was your weekend?
Because the Sunday is nearly over, I’ve decided to prepared short post for you about my Sunday evening routine before the coming week.
This is the time, which I can give to myself;) when I like to put one of my favourite facial masks,(today is the green one ;) ) When I can grab a glass of Smoothie and finally look through my fashion magazine to catch up with the fashion world.
So, tell me, how are you spending your time on Sunday evening? How do you charge up your batteries?
Below just a few words about facial masks, which I have been using recently. ;)


my free minutes

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is an amazing little thing, that I use when my face is not at it’s best condition and I really need to look good, so I apply this as my makeup base to achieve immediate tightenss, or when I have a little more time, then as a regular mask I apply a thin layer over my face and neck and just leave on for 15 min. It makes skin look radiant, smooth and brightens my discolouration on my skin, and I am truly happy about that.

Origins Drink up I use this when my skin needs an extra hydration like in the winter time, when it is becoming more dry because of heating. It contains algae extracts which help to hydrate.

Mudd Original Mask is deep cleansing pure clay. I really like this one, because of my combination skin type. So I need something, that absorbs excess oil and deeply emendded dirt and make up and this one does it. But there is one thing which I am not happy about… it contains parbens, but I can’t find it without, so if you know which brand is doing that, please let me know.

Finally, I want to thank you for your comments and visiting my blog and have a great week.
kisses ;)


Hi there ;)
So this is my new makeup, this time the inspiration for this look was Jennifer Lopez new music video for “Same Girl”.
I love this look, the gloldish eye and glossy red lips. ;) I had a lot of fun while doing these shots.
I have to say that, I don’t wear gold jewellery, because I am not a fan of it but, it was really cool to see myself in a different way. :)
So what do you think about this look?
Take care.


To begin the eyes apply the eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden). Then apply cream/withe eye shadow (Mac Vanilla).

Then, on eye lid apply gold eye shadow and on the top silver eyeshadow ( Urban Decay Oz Palette shadow Oz).

And next apply the darker color at the outer corners of the eyes ( UD Smog). Blend all shadows.

Next apply the same gold eye shadow on the bottom line, start from the tear duct to the middle and connect with dark brown
eye pencil ( Estee Lauder Coffee).

Blend Eye pencil with gold eye shadow and line the inner rim of the lash line with creamy eye kohl (Illamasqua).

Then apply Mac Nylon in to the tear duct and concealer under eye ( Kett ).

Using black gel liner (Maybelline Black gel liner ) line your upper lash line. Apply mascara and faux lashes (Kiss premium Individual lashes).

contour your cheekbones ( Mac Harmony ) and fill in your lips with lip pencil (Mac Redd).


To finish the look apply red lip gloss with pink undertones like Mac Pro Longwear Lipglass Driven By Love.
Done ;)


Hairdo was done in Linda Joyce’s Hair Temple. ;)

Product Used:
Shadows – Wedge&Brun to fill in my eyebrows
Foundation – Mac Pro Longwear
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish natural to set makeup
Mac Harmony blush to contour
Mac Dame blush
Mac Vanilla loose pigment as highlight the bridge of my nose, above my bronzer “line”


Hello all.
Today I present to you the first post of the category “favorite and worst products of the month”.

january favorites 2014 makeup products

My Favorite Products :

Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation – it is ideal for winter time, even though it is heavy, it doesn’t emphasize wrinkles and dry patches, it doesn’t rub off and, it doesn’t darken after a while on my skin. Works well with both, brush and sponge, to get less coverage I use damp brush.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara – great mascara, ideal for my short and thin eyelashes. Beautifully emphasizes my lashes, doesn’t smudge or crumble.

High Precision Retouch by Giorgio Armani concealer – great concealer, I use it under my eyes but also I apply it to cover the imperfections on my face is great and what is most important, it doesn’t highlight the wrinkles under the eyes.

Mac Harmony and Mocha Blushes – generally Mac blushes are one of my favorites. Blush Harmony I use as a bronzer, it perfectly fits my fair skin tone, and Mocha is the perfect shade for winter, gives me a fresh rose color, just beautiful.

Chanel Lover and Mac Chili Lipsticks – reigned on my lips the most this month, love them XX

Ulubione produkty:

Mac Studio Fix Fluid – bardzo dobrze się sprawdza w okresie zimowym, mimo iż jest mocno kryjący nie podkreśla zmarszczek. Nie ściera się, nie ciemnieje, nie podkreśla suchych skórek, świetnie nakłada się zarówno pędzlem jak i gąbeczką. Aby uzyskać mniejsze krycie nakładam go zwilżonym pędzlem.
Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill mascara – świetny i idealny tusz do moich krótkich, rzadkich rzęs. Pięknie je podkreśla , nie rozmazuje się i nie kruszy .
High Precision Retouch Giorgio Armani korektor – bardzo dobry. Używam go pod oczy, ale również zdarza mi się nakładać go na twarz. Świetnie kryje moje niedoskonałości i co najważniejsze nie podkreśla zmarszczek pod oczami .
Mac Harmony i Mocha róże – róże Maca są jednymi z moich ulubionych. Harmony używam jako brązer, świetnie pasuje do mojej jasnej karnacji, a Mocha jest idealnym odcieniem na zimę , nadaje piękny różany kolor.
pomadki CHANEL Lover i Mac Chili królowały na moich ustach najczęściej w tym miesiącu. Są rewelacyjne.

january worst 2014 makeup products

My worst products :

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation – this it unfortunately a complete mistake, emphasizes wrinkles and imperfections, is not long lasting at all, my skin looks very bad after the application of this foundation :(

L’oreal Princess and Eve lip gloss / lacquer – the colors are beautiful, beautifully sparkle on the lips but after applying I had an allergy, my mouth was aching and it was covered in itchy bubbles, that disappeared after a few days, gross :(

What is your experience with these products. Do you have them on your list of favorites or worst products of the month?

Take Care

Produkty, na których się zawiodłam :
Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation – podkreśla zmarszczki i niedoskonałości, nie jest trwały, po aplikacji moja cera wygląda bardzo źle.
błyszczyk / lip laquer – L’oreal Princess i Eve – kolory piękne , błyszczą na ustach, ale po dniu stosowania wystąpiła alergia w postaci trudnych do wyleczenia bąbli. :(

Napiszcie wasze opinie o tych produktach, czy także znajdują się na waszych listach ulubionych produktów miesiąca ?